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About Chanté 1

Hello Beautiful!

My name is Chanté Austen and I have always been so passionate about holistic health and keeping active. Therefore I created Beaufitable.

Since I was about 12 years old I was conscious about the food that I would put in my body. I remember my mom bought me a McDonald’s burger one day after school and I still remember thinking to myself “this is so unhealthy”. Don’t get me wrong there is always a time for a burger, I believe in everything in moderation. With that being said I would love to educate the youth on what it means to be healthy as a whole. Not only by the food that you put in your body but also the words that you say to yourself.


My passion for educating the youth of today lead me to complete my undergrad in FET Human Movement Sciences and Sports Management. I then furthered my studies by completing my honours degree in Teacher Professional Development and Quality Assessment. Whilst I was completing my education degree, I completed a diploma in personalized nutrition for adults and children. I am currently completing my personal training course.


It has always been my absolute dream to start Beaufitable. Beaufitable stands on 3 main pillars. Be you, Be fit and Be beautiful.

Be you

Educating young girls to be themselves, be true to you and never compare yourself to somebody else. We are all unique, how boring would this world be if everyone was the same?

Be fit

Educating girls on the importance of being physically active as well as nourishing your body with the proper nutrition it needs! No fad diets, just yummy wholesome food.

Be beaufitable

Helping girls to see their worth and their true beauty. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. The media of today displays such an unrealistic picture of what beauty is. We are all truly beautiful in our own unique way.

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