About Chanté

About Chanté 1

Welcome on board!

I am so happy to have you on board, I cannot wait to start this journey with you!

I have always had such a passion for nutrition, keeping fit and helping others. Therefore I created Beaufitable which is all about empowering woman, helping you to reach your fitness goals, re-setting your mind to think more positively and being more confident in your own skin. Beaufitable stands on three main points, be you, be fit and be beautiful.

Be you

Always be your authentic self. Accept yourself as a person, know your worth and fall in love with yourself again. Stop comparing yourself to other people. You are unique, there is no one in the world like you!

Be fit

My meal plans and training programs will help you reach those fitness goals, lean out and get you back on track. I have a holistic approach to health and fitness. I believe in approaching your nutrition in a manner that is as close to nature as possible and always listening to your body.

Be beaufitable

You are beautiful, start believing it. Boot out the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Speak words of encouragement to yourself and become your best friend. Know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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